Why We're Creating Gifts That Give Back

The Foodie Gift Box began as a way to honor and support local businesses that instill our communities with uniqueness.

What sets us apart from other gifting services is our desire to give back to local communities. From the beginning, we have committed a percentage of our proceeds to local food banks. If an Augusta box is purchased then a percentage of that box will go to a food bank in Augusta. 

The hunger statistics in the United States is absolutely wild. According to Feeding America, 42 million people including 13 million children may experience food insecurity in 2021. The heartbreaking thing is that hunger is closer than you may realize, it is no doubt in your community.

My Experience with Golden Harvest Food Bank

In 2016, I was working at Gap, Inc. and I became a volunteer coordinator. I was extremely excited, and I wanted to take my role seriously. I started doing research on organizations in the Augusta area and I came across Golden Harvest Food Bank.

I signed our store up to volunteer and allowed the employees to pick the hours and days they wanted to join me. Once I started volunteering, I loved it. It was a brand-new experience for me and I quickly realized how fortunate I was. My heart broke to see families going through the line to get food.

I decided to do their “It’s Spooky to Be Hungry” campaign, at work, school and in my neighborhood. I felt such a need to share with my community what Golden Harvest Food Bank was doing. 

You may be asking yourself, 'what's their "It’s Spooky to Be Hungry" campaign'?  Well, for 28 years, hundreds of neighborhoods, businesses, organizations and volunteers have helped Golden Harvest Food Bank to scare away hunger through the "It’s Spooky to be Hungry" food drive. In 2019, enough funds for almost 250,000 meals were raised. In 2020, Golden Harvest wanted to ensure the safety of the community so they help their food drive virtually. Every $1 raised helped to put 3 meals on the table of those in need.

I ended up volunteering for about 2 years and then I joined the United States Army and moved out of Georgia. So, it has now been a couple of years since I’ve volunteered there, but starting The Foodie Gift Box, I remembered my time at Golden Harvest Food Bank and the hard work that they were doing in Augusta. They are the main reason why we are committing a percentage of each box to the local food bank of that box’s city. Ensuring people receive food is one of The Foodie Gift Box’s top priorities.

An event showcasing local community partners
Now that you know our story, I hope that you are able to find a local food bank, soup kitchen or community garden where you can help. 

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